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How much does it cost to store furniture using self storage?

The race for space has seen the UK housing market go through the roof as people try to get their hands on a bigger pad. But there are also lots of homeowners who are downsizing, and are looking at how much it costs to store furniture.

After spending years raising a family, not every empty-nester will be eager to throw away all those accumulated memories, from your gran’s favourite chair to the table everyone sat around for Sunday lunch.

Likewise, a business seeking smaller premises may not want to ditch the office furniture that represents a considerable investment.

Our furniture self storage service enables you to hang on to all those precious items for your next generation, or phase of business, safe in the knowledge they’re securely stored at a facility you can visit at a time convenient to you.

Of course, not all self storage companies and storage costs are the same, so let’s take a look at a few different scenarios when it comes to the cost of furniture storage and how a Blue Bear storage container stacks up.

Is it worth paying for self storage?

Definitely! We’ve all got stuff squirrelled away in the attic or the garage, and who doesn’t cross their fingers from time to time, hoping there’s no sudden infestation of mice or a flash flood to ruin that storage space?

But if you’re looking at storage costs and thinking twice, it’s worth asking if attic and garage alternatives are really the best options.

The pros and cons of attic storage

Chances you won’t pay anything for storing furniture either in your attic or your parents or grandparents’ loft. That’s a pretty big plus, but it also comes with quite a few cons.

Can you access the space (especially if it’s in someone else’s house) whenever you want? Is it clean, dry and protected from the elements?

Is it free of pests, from bats and birds to nibbling rodents? Could the space be put to better use, either converted into a bedroom or home office?

The pros and cons of garage storage

Again, it probably won’t cost you anything to store items in yours or a family garage, so that’s great.

But is it a truly secure location and is it really suitable for the long-term storage of furniture, precious pieces or other household items?

Is there enough space to properly look after everything you want to store?

If you’re in need of business storage, the same questions about storage location apply, and the answers may be even less satisfactory. Perhaps it’s time to look at the cost of self storage and services offered by moving companies.

Compare and contrast storage facilities

Having established that your nan’s attic or your daughter-in-law’s garage might not be the best solutions for your long-term furniture storage needs, let’s take a look at what storage services are out there, find out what most storage facilities offer and learn more about average storage costs.

Storage vs self storage

First of all, there’s a choice about what sort of storage you require. You can hire a company that will remove and store your furniture at a storage facility they own and control.

Then there’s self storage, which comes with a lot more flexibility, as you deposit your belongings at the self storage unit of your choice.

Both have their benefits, so let’s take a closer look at what you should consider when choosing your storage facility.

Is it all about the money, money, money?

Whether you opt for a removals company to store your furniture or go for self storage, it goes without saying that storage costs are important. But setting aside storage prices for a moment, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the storage company and service that’s right for you.


Hurray! You’ve found a secure self storage provider who can provide what you need (whether it’s storing Grandad’s antique furniture or business equipment and supplies). The bad news is, their idea of a convenient location is 600 miles away in the middle of central London.

We have storage facilities at six different locations covering the Midlands and South of England: Buckingham, Corby, St Petersfield, Huntington, St Ives and Bury St Edmunds, with more locations opening soon.


Yes! You’ve managed to find a storage company on your doorstep – brilliant! But they’re only open four days a week and never on a Sunday. Uh.
We understand people lead busy lives and can’t squeeze everything into office hours, that’s why our self storage units are accessible seven days a week, 365 days of the year. No fuss, no hassle.


Hmm. There’s a storage firm reasonably close by that is open at suitable times, but you couldn’t get your nan’s beloved sideboard in the storage solution they’re offering, never mind her double wardrobes and eight-seater dining table.
We know one size definitely doesn’t fit all, that’s why we offer a range of containers that can happily accommodate your property, no matter how much space you need.

Looking for somewhere to park a few bits and pieces until after university, or want to over-winter garden furniture?

Our nifty 40 square foot (sq ft) container will be just the job at a low cost, while a 160 sq ft storage unit will easily take the contents of a four bedroom house.


Ah. There’s a couple of storage providers that are reasonably local and offer enough size, but there’s not much in the way of parking. That will make finding a space a nightmare on a busy Saturday…

You can forget about any parking problems with our secure self storage facilities. We don’t use lifts that restrict how many objects you can carry around, and there’s no slogging backwards and forwards from your vehicle to Row Z, somewhere in the distance…
Just drive straight up to your container whenever you wish, and load and unload to your heart’s content. Easy peasy – and your back will love you forever!

Are there other storage costs to consider?

Yes, particularly if you’re looking at long-term furniture storage. If you’re moving house – say downsizing from a four bedroom house to a two-bed bungalow – it’s a good idea to factor in the extra cost of packing materials such as bubble wrap, so your possessions will be protected in the long term, no matter the storage location.

Although we are a storage service, we don’t offer a removals service, as many of our customers hire a van and move themselves. However, if you need a bit of extra muscle for the heavy lifting, we can recommend trusted local professional movers. Be aware that prices can vary, depending on what you need and where you are.

Insurance as part of furniture storage costs

You should also consider insurance among any additional costs for storage. A home insurance policy won’t be enough: you’ll need extra cover for any furniture storage options or other valuables placed into storage units, even if it’s just for a few weeks.

Reputable storage companies should require you to have insurance, so remember to include it when totting up your furniture storage costs. Alternatively, we can help. We’ve worked hard to ensure our sites are at the standard required by insurers to secure full cover as part of our storage service. That means we can offer you competitive personal goods protection for as long as you use our storage facilities. Contact us here for a no obligation, instant quote.

Of course customers can choose not to use our protection, and in those circumstances, we require proof that their possessions have some level of cover.

How much does self storage cost per month in the UK?

Costs to store furniture will vary across the UK depending on location, how much space you need and how long you want to store your possessions.

For example, average storage costs in the UK for leasing 50 sq ft for six months would cost an average £598.50, rising to £897.75 for 75 sq ft and £1,795.50 for 150 sq ft. Storage prices are, of course, higher in central London.

Compare that to our six-month storage cost of £594 + VAT for an 80 sq ft container. (Please be aware that our costs can change marginally from location to location). Be careful of half-price promotional deals. At Blue Bear Self Storage we set a clear price from the start.

Click here to get instant quotes and find out which configuration works best for you.

How much does it cost to store apartment furniture?

Okay, let’s run the numbers for a specific scenario to get an idea of furniture storage cost. You’ve packed up your beloved one-bedroom apartment after meeting ‘the one’ and want to put your furniture in a self storage unit while you move in together. Yay! One of our 80 sq foot containers (10ft x 8ft x 8ft) can comfortably accommodate the contents of a 1-2 bedroom house or flat.

Payment options include pay-as-you-go for just £110 per month + VAT. As before, please be aware that our costs can change marginally from location to location.

Storage options for something a little bigger

At the other end of the scale, a retired couple that has downsized may want to keep some of their family furniture as heirlooms. Great – but what about storage cost? Our containers are the ideal solution.

If they plumped for our Corby storage facility and chose a 160 sq ft container (20ft x 8ft x 8ft), they could easily house the contents of a four-bedroom house or apartment. Again, there are a few payment options, including monthly pay-as-you-go at £130 + VAT. (Please be aware that our costs can change marginally from location to location).

No deposit and no time limit

Our pricing structure gets cheaper the longer you store your items with us, so there’s no rush to decide who inherits what.

Plus, there’s no deposit to access our storage service and although we ask for a minimum one-month stay, there’s no upper limit to how long you can use our storage facilities.

How much of my furniture and other stuff can I store?

That depends on how much furniture or other possessions you have and how much storage space you think they will need. Our smallest storage containers are 40 sq ft (8ft x 8ft x 5ft). That’s the contents of a garden shed or a transit van.

Storage per square foot that grows with you

Our biggest size unit is 160 sq ft (20ft x 8ft x 8ft), and is available at our Buckingham, Corby, Petersfield, St Ives and Huntingdon sites.

It will happily house up to 260 storage boxes – brilliant if you’re a business in need of document storage space – or want to store furniture and the other contents of a four-bedroom home.

But if you need more storage solutions, that’s cool too. Just drop us a line and we’ll arrange additional containers to accommodate whatever unit size will meet your needs as part of our storage service.

Security at our storage locations

We understand how important our customers’ possessions are: they can be everything from crucial business equipment to precious links to a family’s past.

That’s why we take security seriously at all our self storage facilities. Each site is security fenced with monitored CCTV and recorded opening systems at the entry doors, all of which forms part of our storage unit prices.

Steel containers

All our storage units are modified shipping containers and made of heavy-duty steel.


Because not all padlocks are the same, but everyone’s possessions are equally as valuable to them, we provide high-grade padlocks. They are further protected by a lock box, which is also included in our self storage prices.

Conditions inside a self storage unit

Our robust storage containers are in pristine condition when handed over to customers, many of whom are curious about what happens inside the units.


Our containers are completely waterproof – in fact our personal goods protection covers this – and they all have vents that ensure continuous air flow.

They don’t come with climate control, but when you remember their original purpose, shipping everything from clothing to medicine and machine parts over vast distances, sometimes in extreme temperatures, it’s easy to understand why they’re perfect for long-term storage.

Water and white goods

There are no particular conditions for using our containers to store furniture, but we do ask customers who are storing white goods to make sure any freezers are fully defrosted and washing machines are completely emptied. That’s because any water brought into the container will evaporate and take some time to escape from the unit. Unless there are specific circumstances, Our recommendation is for customers to stop water from coming into the unit from the outset. That way everything from furniture and electrical goods can be safely stored for as long as you require with zero issues.

Prohibited items

There are no hidden extras when using our self storage units when it comes to cost, and we’re 100% up front about what we prohibit customers from storing in out containers:

Flammable or hazardous materials
Explosive materials or pyrotechnics (including fireworks)
Poisons or toxic substances
Firearms or weapons of any type
Illegal materials or substances
Foodstuffs or perishable items

We also reserve the right to prohibit any items to be stored that we believe could pose a risk to our customers, staff or anyone else using our self storage unit.

The cost of self storage: a recap

So, you’ve plumped for self storage rather than using a removals service that offers storage, to keep those moving costs down.

You want to safely, and securely store furniture from a three or four bedroom house, or you’re a large business that is downsizing to smaller premises and want self storage prices and services that offer value for money and peace of mind.

Self storage with Blue Bear

Our five sites span the Midlands, South and South-East of England (more opening soon), offering convenience to customers, while each location is security fenced with monitored CCTV and recorded gate opening systems.

Our weatherproof, robust containers range from a 40 sq ft unit size up to 160 sq ft, and customers can use as many as they need, providing a great combination of flexibility and security at an affordable storage cost.

No leases, no hassle

There are no leases or contracts to sign: all you need is a licence, and while we require a minimum of one month’s use, storage time is unlimited.
Our storage costs are flexible too, with prices that go down the longer you use our self storage service.

Store furniture, white goods, electricals…

Our self storage container units are the ideal way to store furniture after moving house and give customers greater control than a removals service.
The cost of storing your possessions will depend on the size of container you need. You can get an instant self storage price quote here or you can contact our main office to learn more about the cost of self storage on 02039 812900.