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How to choose your furniture removals company

As a self-storage provider, with facilities in Petersfield and Buckingham, our customers are often ‘in transit’. In other words, they are between houses. Moving house is one of life’s most stressful situations. But, as ever we can help you find your zen. Firstly, by offering you top-notch self-storage at affordable prices when you’re in transit. And, secondly by sharing some tips and advice. In this post, we thought we’d offer some insight into how to choose your furniture removals company.

How to choose your furniture removals company:

Listen to your peers:

Just like us at Blue Bear Self-Storage, you’ll discover that most reputable companies want you to find out what people are saying about them. So Trustpilot is a great place to start your search for a furniture removals company. Recommendations from friends and family are also invaluable!

Compare the market:

It’s always worth getting several quotes when you’re choosing your furniture removals company. But do give each company the same brief so you can be sure you’re comparing ‘cartons with cartons’. Also, that old life rule applies here… You get what you pay for! When you’re talking about your precious belongings, cheapest is not always the best!

Have a cuppa:

When you’re getting your quotes, sit down and have a cup of tea with the person who is carrying out your house inspection. On these occasions, gut instinct can count for a lot. The removal team could be in your house for an extended period of time. You need to like their attitude and be assured that they will be professional, helpful and friendly.

Insurance included:

Transit insurance for your belongings is part and parcel of hiring a home removals company. Do check the level of coverage meets your needs, and whether there are any exclusions you need to be aware of.

Special delivery:

If you have specialist items to move such as antiques or large pieces. It can sometimes pay to move these with a specialist provider. If you ever need help with a recommendation please feel free to ask us.

Once you’ve selected your furniture removals company, don’t forget to talk to us about self-storage. Extra space can be invaluable when you’re moving house! Talk to us about container space in Buckingham or Petersfield, or our soon to be opened Corby site!