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How to Store Books: Storage Units for the Love of Books

Did you know that February is Library Lover’s Month? It’s also Valentine’s Day at the weekend. So, with❤️ on the cards, we thought we’d compose this week’s article with the love of books in mind! Yes, we’re looking at how you can safely keep your treasured books for future generations to enjoy. If you have invested in a Blue Bear Storage Unit in CorbyPetersfield or Buckingham read on to discover our top tips for storing books.

Show them some TLC

Before you put your books into storage, please spend some time giving them a little TLC. There’s a reason that food and drinks aren’t allowed in the library. Crumbs or sticky residue left on a book can damage it over time. What’s more, any damage can spread across your collection. So, sort through your books and ensure they are clean and dry before storage.

Wrap them up

Cherish your books with a warm embrace before storing them. By wrapping each book individually, you’ll prevent damage to covers. If your books have dust jackets, keep them on for storage.
Then place them in a suitable box. You can use cardboard or plastic but do seal the boxes. And remember that boxes of books get heavy, so smaller is often more manageable.

On this occasion, it’s okay to stand them up

Of course, we’d never usually recommend this dating etiquette ‘no-no’. But on this occasion, it’s perfectly acceptable to store your books vertically.

Keep things on an even keel

Our storage units are modified shipping containers and completely waterproof (our insurance covers this) with vents providing continuous airflow. That means that your books won’t get too hot during the summer months.

We also coat the inside of our containers with Grafotherm. This product is an insulating coating that prevents heat loss, maintaining a higher ambient temperature inside the container. So, in the winter, your books won’t get too cold.

If you’re ready to store your books, talk to us about cost-effective storage units in Petersfield, Buckingham or Corby. Or get an instant quote online.