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Making more storage space at Christmas time

Is it just us or does everything feel like it’s bursting at the seams come 25th December? Christmas parties seem to arrive earlier each year and with them the little elves that appear to stitch clothes tighter overnight. As family and houseguests descend in droves living spaces magically shrink. And as you try to find creative places to hide gifts, you realise there isn’t a spare inch to do so! Thankfully, we can help. In this article, we’re sharing three practical tips to help you find more storage space at Christmas.

Three Tips to help you find more storage space at Christmas:

Take another look at trees:

Putting up the family Christmas tree is a festive tradition that, for many, marks the start of the magic of Christmas. But, how often do you drag your tree back from the garden centre and then realise you might have over-specced? The tree that looked quite manageable suddenly becomes a burdensome beast as you try to manhandle it through the front door. And once it’s decorated, it literally takes up half the living room.

So, why not look around for some alternatives? We love this Alternative Oak Christmas Tree by the Natural Wood Company from Not on the High St. You can even fold it flat against the wall for a truly streamlined look. Once you’ve finished with it for the year, pack it up with your Christmas decorations and invest in some storage space with Blue Bear Storage until December 2020!

Festive furniture solutions:

If you have family and friends arriving for Christmas, but you’re not sure where you’ll put them invest in some space-saving furniture solutions.

Folding chairs that can easily be packed away when the Christmas lunch is over is a simple solution. Don’t worry if you have nowhere to keep them when the festive season is done. We can help you out with storage space at either our Petersfield, Buckingham, or Corby sites.

If you need extra beds, then Loaf has the answer with their ‘Bed in a Bun’. Plus it doubles up as additional seating in the lounge.

Declutter before you Deck the Halls:

Christmas is a time for gift giving. And there’s no doubt that your little treasures will have written their notes to Santa some weeks ago. As your children get older they may grow out of some of the toys they’ve been given in the past. But perhaps you don’t want to discard their first ride-on toy car. We can help you with extra storage space so you can hang on to those childhood memories. You’ll also be able to hand down treasured toys to the next generation when the time comes.

So, if you need to make more storage space at Christmas, talk to the Bears! Contact us today to book your container in Petersfield Buckingham or Corby.