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How much does a self storage unit cost?

How much does a self storage unit cost?

One of the questions we are most often asked is: “how much does a self storage unit cost?”

At Blue Bear Self Storage, we like to be upfront about prices – there’s nothing more annoying than hidden extras.

So, let’s take a look at what you might need self storage for, how long and what it could cost.

Why would I ever need self storage?

It’s a good question, and in the days before the pandemic, we’d have several responses at the ready, which we’ll go into a little later.

However these days, things are different. People often underestimate the difference having enough space can make to their lifestyles, so self storage can be a real benefit.

Clearing out the clutter to work from home

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all needed to find a little extra room in our homes, as working from home and home-schooling became the norm.

While many of the kids have gone back to school, a lot of commuters decided to keep, even in part, their WFH habits – but it’s a truth universally acknowledged that clutter curtails concentration.

So, if you want to up your productivity, investing in a self storage unit can help.

Self storage and the race for space

The pandemic also boosted the UK housing market, as people, particularly those with children, discovered the joys of having extra space.

The last thing anyone wants in a house-buying chain is a weak link, so self storage can be a godsend if you need to temporarily rent while someone else gets their moving house ducks in a row.

Let’s be honest: if your dream home slips through your fingers because you’ve nowhere to store furniture, it’s going to be more of a blow than the cost of a self storage unit.

Why use a Blue Bear Self Storage unit?

Excellent question. The short answer is: “because our self storage is reliable, secure, easy to use and cost-effective”, but there’s a lot more to our service than somewhere safe to store furniture and other stuff.

Our storage facilities are ideal for long or short-term contracts, so flexibility is baked in. We’ve got several locations, which makes them accessible, and they’re suitable for everything from storing business documents to garden furniture.

Let’s break all that down a bit and show how our self storage units really can not only offer substantial savings, they can also save money, compared to other self storage prices.

How our self storage works

It couldn’t be easier to book one of our container storage units, which are modified shipping containers.

Just find the Blue Bear storage facility nearest to where you are, and either book a storage unit online, or call us and do it all over the phone.

All you need is some form of identification – a passport or driving licence – and a credit or debit card.

How much container storage will I need?

That depends on what it is you want to store. That’s the beauty of self storage and, unlike some storage providers who charge by the square foot, with Blue Bear, you pay for the space you need.

Our self-storage units are 40 square feet (sqft), 80 sq ft and 160 sq ft which, unless you’re a storage provider like us, might be a bit tricky to visualise, so let’s take each of our self storage units and show how much space each one provides.

40 sq ft self storage unit

Our smallest storage unit is 8ft x 8ft x 5ft, and will easily hold between 50 and 75 storage boxes, the contents of a small garden shed or a transit van.

That means you can safely store small-scale sports equipment or household items like books and ornaments (all carefully sealed in bubble wrap, of course!) in this storage unit.

60 sq ft self storage unit

Our second-smallest container will happily hold the contents of a standard garden shed, one removal van, or 75 to 100 storage boxes.

80 sq ft storage space

Stepping up to the next size is our 80 sq ft storage unit, which stands at 10ft x 8ft x 8ft. That’s enough to accommodate 100 to 150 of box storage, one Luton van or the contents of a one to two-bedroom house or flat.

So the dining table you inherited from your parents when they downsized will fit perfectly, alongside other personal belongings and any left-over packing materials, ready for when everything comes out of storage.

160 sq ft self storage unit

Our largest size self storage unit is 20ft x 8ft x 8ft and this bad boy is perfect for furniture storage. It will offer box storage for between 230 and 260, the contents of two Luton vans or everything from a four-bedroom apartment or house.

Safety and our storage containers

It might surprise you to know not all self storage facilities or storage companies offer the same levels of security.

As one of the country’s most reputable storage companies, all our self storage facilities are security fenced with monitored CCTV and recorded gate opening systems, so you can rest assured your belongings are 100% secure.

On top of that, each self storage unit is a solid steel container. For a small fee, you can rent one of our high-grade padlocks that are further protected by a lock box.

Will my possessions stay dry in Blue Bear’s storage facilities?

Yes! Our self storage units are 100% waterproof because they were made to transport all manner of goods and products from one side of the world to the other.

They come with vents that provide continuous air flow, and have stored everything from electrical equipment to furniture, with zero reported issues.

A word about our storage options and water

The units don’t have climate control, so we do ask users to avoid bringing moisture into the container, so make sure any freezers are defrosted and washing machines are fully drained and we’re all good.

Will I need insurance for self storage?

Yes you do, and that’s something to factor in when totting up self storage prices. The cost of self storage will differ from company to company, so feel free to shop around. However, because of our security measures, we have some fantastic deals on insurance.

Home cover won’t cut it

If you’re not tempted by our offer (and that’s cool), we do ask that anyone who chooses not to use our insurance provides us with evidence that their belongings have some level of cover.

It’s worth remembering most home insurance policies only cover goods in your home.

Accessing your self storage containers

The cost of self storage can be an important factor in deciding which company or facility to use, but when making your calculations, remember to consider how accessible each storage facility actually is.

It might sound odd, but bear with us! Storage prices differ among storage companies, but some customers end up paying for sites that are almost impossible to access.

They have to drag granny’s sideboard or boxes and boxes of documents from the street to their chosen unit, which begs the question: is that really value for money?

Drive up, unload, drive away – done

We’re different from other storage providers – in a good way.

Our sites are unlike most storage facilities because they’re laid out in such a way that you can drive up to the front of your chosen container unit, fill it with your possessions, lock it up and head home.

Available whenever you need

Your secure self storage facility is available to you 365 days a week, from 6am to 8pm.

Fancy popping round one Sunday evening to pick up some paperwork from the storage units, or to drop off that running machine cluttering up your soon-to-be home office?

Done and done, and all for a superb self storage price.

Our self storage costs and locations

Right then, you wanted to know the cost of self storage, so let’s give you the answer.

Our minimum term is four weeks, and we’re going to break each container size down per location. Please note storage unit prices can be subject to change.

Corby self storage ground floor units

  •      40 square feet (sq ft) – £20 + VAT per week (PW)
  •      48 sq ft – £23 _ VAT PW
  •      80 sq ft – £28 + VAT PW
  •      160 sq ft – £35 + VAT PW

Corby self storage upper floor unit

  •      60 square feet (sq ft) – £20 + VAT per week (PW)

Visit the Corby self storage page

St Ives self storage ground floor units

  •      40 sq ft – £22.50 + VAT PW
  •      80 sq ft – £25 + VAT PW
  •      160 sq ft – £32.50 + VAT PW

St Ives self storage upper floor unit

  • 60 sq ft – £22.50 + VAT PW

Visit the St Ives self storage page

Huntingdon self storage ground floor units

  •      40 sq ft – £25 + VAT PW
  •      80 sq ft – £30 + VAT PW
  •      160 sq ft – £40 + VAT PW

Huntingdon self storage upper floor unit

  • 60 sq ft – £25 + VAT PW

Visit the Huntingdon self storage page

Petersfield self storage ground floor units

  •      80 sq ft – £37.50 + VAT PW
  •      160 sq ft – £50 + VAT PW

Visit the Petersfield self storage page

Buckingham self storage ground floor units

  •      40 sq ft – £22.50 + VAT PW
  •      80 sq ft – £32.50 + VAT PW
  •      160 sq ft – £45 + VAT PW

Buckingham self storage upper floor units

  •      80 sq ft – £22.50 + VAT PW
  •      160 sq ft – £32.50 + VAT PW

Visit the Buckingham self storage page

Bury self storage ground floor units

  •      40 sq ft – £25 + VAT PW
  •      80 sq ft – £38 + VAT PW
  •      160 sq ft – £45 + VAT PW

Bury self storage upper floor unit

  •      60 sq ft – £25 + VAT PW

Pay upfront and save money on your self storage costs

For all of our self storage packages, you can pay upfront for 26 weeks and receive a 10% discount.

Contact us to book your self storage secure unit

You can get an instant quote here, email us at or contact our main office at 02039 812 900.