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Student Summer Storage – Save money for the sun!

We were students once so we understand the running battles that summer holidays can bring. Parents are dreading the arrival of a car full of belongings and a long summer with a cluttered house. Sometimes paying large sums for student summer storage, seems preferable to a parent’s wrath. But you no longer need to!

At Blue Bear, we don’t charge you high rates. Instead, we offer straightforward, cost-effective storage solutions. Whether you are a despairing parent looking to keep your house clutter free or a money-conscious student, we have the answer that should help to resolve family feuds and allow well-earned holidays to be enjoyed hassle free!

Just click on our Student Storage page for more information or read our top tips below.

Student Summer Storage Tip #1. Get your storage booked in as soon as possible to ensure there is available space on the necessary dates

Just head to our quote page, complete the short form and submit your enquiry, we will give you a call back within 24hrs. Likewise, if you have any questions give us a call on 02039812900.

On the quote form, you will be asked to select the following:

  • Which location you require
  • Choose a unit size – we offer 10ft or 20ft Containers
  • Your date of start needed
  • Any insurance you require
  • And pick a preferred payment plan

When you’ve completed the form, we’ll give you a quote. If you’re happy, complete the details below, and we’ll do the rest!

Student Summer Storage Tip #2. Pack Well

Tip!  The better you pack, the easier the process becomes.

  • Use high-quality boxes and packing materials
  • Don’t overfill your box
  • For fragile items, make sure you use paper, bubble wrap and tape to wrap them securely
  • For single items, such as a mirror, ensure they are well packaged, to protect them during transit
  • Make sure suitcases are securely sealed – the last thing you want is one of those dreaded airport conveyor belt scenarios with items sprawled out for all to see

Top Tip: Labelling boxes can help jog the memory when the time comes to unpack after a long summer break.

Top Tip: Be really organised and take it a step further by making an inventory. A good idea if you have many boxes going into storage. Think of the time it will save later when you’re trying to remember where that specific book or item of clothing is.

Student Summer Storage Tip #3. Transport

Student Summer Storage Tip #3. Transport

We understand moving large items can be a pain and in some cases impossible. Fitting a bed into a mini takes a magician, not a budding law degree. The more proactive members of the student community or the frustrated mum and dad will find bring items to site a cinch. In other cases, we have trusted partners who we can recommend to collect your items at an agreed time and place.

Student Summer Storage Tip #4. Unloading

Student Summer Storage Tip #4. Unloading

At Blue Bear, we have made it our mission to provide a simple service for a simple price. Unloading could not be easier. Drive up to your unit, follow the instructions that have been sent to you and once everything is out the car and in your unit, you add your padlock and head off for a hassle-free summer holiday.

Top Tip: If you leave anything behind don’t worry – our sites are open seven days a week!

Student Summer Storage Tip #5. Get your friends involved.

Student Summer Storage Tip #5. Get your friends involved.

Why not combine storage with one of your friends? Just remember, the booking will need to be made under one name and additional friends just listed as authorised persons on your licence agreement. Our 20ft containers can take the contents of most three bed houses so splitting the cost of this space makes it a really cost-effective solution.