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Removals Storage in Corby

A complete house relocation and storing belongings can be expensive for many people. As a result, they often explore other removal storage solutions, such as self storage, as a more affordable storage alternative.

House Move Storage in Corby

House Move Storage in Corby

Cost of House Move Storage in Corby

Short-term self-storage costs are typically more affordable and flexible than storage services offered by removal companies. The pricing depends on unit size, facilities, and storage duration. Considering the cost of contents protection insurance when determining the overall expense of self-storage during a house move is crucial, as it is unlikely to be covered by a standard household insurance policy.

Cost of House Move Storage in Corby

Benefits of Using Self Storage For A House Move To Corby

  • You may need extra storage space whilst carrying out home improvements or adding an extension.
  • You may want to secure a sale on your current property before finding a new one.
  • You may be moving to a smaller house but still want easy access to your belongings that do not fit into your new home.
  • Opting for a house-move storage facility near your new home in Corby allows for easier accessibility when needed.
  • Taking advantage of short-term storage options during moving can help smooth the transition and offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for storing household items.
Benefits of Using Self Storage For A House Move To Corby

Short-Term Storage Choices When Relocating to Corby

Blue Bear Storage in Corby provides a safe storage option for those in the process of moving. Our facility offers protection for your belongings, customizable contract lengths, and convenient drive-up accessibility every day of the week.

Things to consider:

1. Storage capacity estimation: Evaluate the storage space required for the items you intend to store. Self-storage establishments provide various unit sizes, storage containers are usually in predetermined sizes. Select a size that can adequately accommodate your possessions without any unused space. For example, at Corby’s Blue Bear Storage, you can find units ranging from the size of a compact van with 50 to 70 storage boxes up to 160 sq ft, suitable for storing the contents of a 3 to 4-bedroom home. Please consult the size guide for more information.

2. Location and access: When selecting a storage facility or container, it is essential to consider its location and accessibility. If you require regular access to your belongings, choosing a facility with convenient operating hours and drive-up access is advisable.

3. Affordability: Storing household items in self-storage is typically the most cost-effective option. It is essential to compare the prices of various storage facilities and consider any extra charges or services. Blue Bear Storage specializes in short-term household storage and offers competitive rates.

4. Versatility: In case you are uncertain about your specific moving schedule or require the ability to prolong your storage duration, we provide storage terms on a monthly basis. This allows you to store your belongings for as long as necessary without being bound by a lengthy agreement.

5. Facilities and protection: Our drive-up access is available 7 days a week, allowing you to retrieve your belongings as frequently as desired. You can rest assured that our security measures prioritize protecting your items, including top-notch locks, gated entry, and surveillance cameras.

In summary, with proper planning, you can simplify the relocation process and protect your possessions by taking advantage of temporary self-storage.

Moving and Storage Choices in Corby

If you require moving and storage services, there are several options to consider.

Self-Storage Units for House Moves in Corby: For individuals in the Corby area who are moving, self-storage units provide a cost-effective solution for temporary storage. These units, which can be rented monthly, offer a secure designated space for storing personal belongings. With various unit sizes and amenities available, self-storage facilities, such as Blue Bear Storage, make it easy to access your items with convenient drive-up access. This reduces the hassle when loading and unloading your vehicle.

Comprehensive Moving and Storage Solutions with Full-Service Movers in Corby: Full-service movers are the way to go if you want a stress-free moving experience. They handle all aspects of your move, from disassembly to packing, transportation, and storage. This option is perfect for those who want minimal involvement and are willing to pay more. However, it’s crucial to remember the potential drawbacks, such as handling your possessions by multiple individuals and restricted access to your belongings during storage.

At Blue Bear Storage in Corby, we provide storage for house moves and are rated five stars by our customers.

At Blue Bear Storage in Corby, we provide storage for house moves and are rated five stars by our customers.

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