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Moving house

Moving house

Anyone who has ever done it knows that moving house is one of the most stressful things people can do.

Those anxiety levels can go through the roof if your house move is part of a long chain, and what do you do if your new home isn’t ready yet? You call on Blue Bear Self Storage!

We operate several sites across the UK where you can store a wide range of items in our robust, fully weatherproof storage containers.

All our storage sites offer easy access to your containers, seven days a week, 365 days a year at an affordable, competitive price with great service as standard.

How do I prepare my house for storage?

There is a lot to consider when moving home, whether you’re going straight to your new address or will be staying in rented accommodation until your new house is ready.

Here are our top tips to make moving house a hassle free, stress free experience.

Take an inventory

It’s always a great idea to list the contents of every room in your house, from attic to garage.

It gives you the chance to determine what you want to pack up and what could be donated, and also enables you to assess how big your house move is going to be.

Order lots of packing materials

Whether you’re packing up a one-bedroom flat or six-bedroom house, it’s always wise to order more packing materials and cardboard boxes than you think you will need.

Some house movers supply these as part of their service, but online companies also sell robust, quality materials in bulk, which could reduce your moving costs.

Make sure you’re able to wrap, pack and load your items well in advance of the moving day so the moving process is as smooth as possible.

Label specific items clearly

It’s not the job of a removal company to know what box of household items goes where on moving day.

Whether you’re heading to temporary accommodation or putting your belongings into storage, it’s smarter in the long run to clearly label each box.

As well as reducing the risk of something crucial going astray, it will make unpacking in your new home an equally stress free process.

Itemise each room

Alongside clear labelling, try to keep everything from each room together when moving.

For example, boxes from the kitchen should be grouped together so you or the removal company can completely empty a room at a time.

Be organised on moving day

It is possible to reduce the stress surrounding moving house, and a lot of it involves being organised.

As well as keeping you on an even keel, it will also ensure the company or companies you hire to help will operate smoothly too.

Stay focused and you’ll be ready to move in no time, leaving you free to focus on enjoying your new house.

Check out our storage facilities

Not everyone who is moving house wants to or can take every stick of furniture with them after they sell a property.

If you’ve experienced multiple moves, you’ll understand why lugging items you don’t use can be frustrating, especially considering the costs charged by some UK removal companies.

Our self storage service is a great solution for keeping your personal belongings safe and secure.

Why use our self storage facility?

Lots of people use our storage facilities for many different reasons. Many clients need short term storage because they are renting somewhere before moving into a new home and have more belongings than space.

People also use our storage facility to store family heirlooms or items they’ve inherited to free up a spare room at home, safe in the knowledge their stuff will be completely protected from the elements.

That’s because our company ensures all the containers are clean, dry and new when brought to our sites. Each unit is modified to provide fantastic ventilation and ensure a steady airflow and stable temperature.

How much storage space do I need for moving house?

Every house move is different, and the space people need to store their stuff varies too.

That’s why at each storage facility, we offer units ranging from 40 square feet (sq ft) to 160 sq ft, unit sizes that offer greater flexibility at competitive costs than traditional self storage.

40 sq ft self storage unit

Measuring 8ft (h) x 8ft (l) x 5ft (w), this storage unit for rent is ideal for smaller items. It can easily hold the contents of a small garden shed, or one small van, or 50-75 storage boxes.

60 sq ft

At 7.75ft (h) x 7.75ft (l) x 8ft (w), these storage units offer enough space for the entire contents of a standard garden shed, or one removal van, or 75-100 storage boxes.

80 sq ft

Weighing in at 8ft (h) x 10ft (l) x 8ft (w), you can store the contents of a 1-2 bed house or flat, the contents of one Luton van or 100-150 packing boxes in this storage container.

160 sq ft

Our biggest storage unit for rent is 8ft (h) x 20ft (l) x 8ft (w) enough space for the entire contents of a 3-4 bed family house or flat, the contents of two Luton vans or 250-300 storage boxes.

What is the best self storage solution near me?

If you’re looking to rent a self storage unit at a great price, we operate several secure locations across central and south-east England. They are suitable for everything from small items to large furniture.

Wherever you are, there’s a Blue Bear Self-Storage near you. Click on each site for its specific storage details:

The advantages of house storage with Blue Bear

No matter which location you choose for your storage units, they all come with the same great benefits.

Secure container storage

Our clients can easily come and go from all our sites during our opening hours, safe in the knowledge we take their safety and security, as well as their possessions, seriously.

Alongside that frequent access, as a reputable storage company, all our locations are fenced, with monitored CCTV and recorded gate opening systems.

Each of our steel containers for rent is brand new, and we use high-grade padlocks that are further protected by a lock box. Only customers can open their units at each storage facility.

A convenient storage option

As well as being secure, our storage services are convenient. Customers storing items with us want regular access to their stuff before moving day at times that suit them.

For example, many working people plan on moving into their new home on a weekend or Bank holiday.

Anyone storing their belongings at our sites can drive straight up to their container, open the door and immediately access the property stored inside.

Great storage Customer Goods Protection deals

Most people understand that, alongside other reputable storage companies, we request that clients either take our Customer Goods Protection or insure the items they are packing inside our containers.

Because our security systems are of such a high standard, we can offer an additional service: competitive Customer Goods Protection, no matter how long or short the period you rent for.

It’s worth checking out our Customer Goods Protection offers, which could be cheaper than you think and save you money.

Of course you’re free to use a third party insurance policy, and in those cases, we do request written proof that any belongings you pack in our storage space have some level of cover.

What you can’t put in our storage units

Our cost effective, weatherproof storage containers are specifically designed to accommodate all manner of small or larger items.

However, clients renting our containers understand there are several things company policy does not allow at any of our sites. They include:

  • Firearms or weapons of any type
  • Illegal materials or substances
  • Flammable or hazardous materials
  • Explosive materials or pyrotechnics (including fireworks)
  • Poisons or toxic substances
  • Foodstuffs or perishable items
  • Livestock
  • Any other material or item that we think could pose a risk to you or others

How much does storage near me cost?

Our moving house storage costs depend on which of our storage facilities and the size of the storage unit you choose. Click on the location that suits you best, and you’ll find pricing information alongside unit sizing.

We don’t ask for a deposit for moving house storage containers using a padlock, but they are required on units with a standard door where Blue Bear Self Storage supplies a key.

If you decide to use our storage solution while you stay in temporary accommodation after moving day while waiting for your new home to become available, it can also be cheaper, as we offer discounted rates.

Looking for moving house storage that’s cost effective, secure, clean and accessible? Then Blue Bear’s sites have everything you need.

From our easy access to our range of robust container units, ideal for storing everything you can think of, we are one company that aims to please.

Our location layouts allow you to drive right up to your container door, leaving you free to transport and collect your belongings at times suitable to you.

As well as ease of collection, our competitive rates could save you money!

Contact us to find out more

You can check out our locations and prices here or book your storage by calling us on the number below.

If you have any questions about our service or want more tips on storage for a long period, contact our friendly team and they will be delighted to help. Give us a call on 02039 812900 for a free no obligation quote.

What sizes are available?

Our customers think we're 5 stars!

Absolutely amazing company

Absolutely amazing company! Made storing my surplus things really easy at such affordable rates after shopping around. Collection was fantastic and the guy was brilliant and took visible care of my things after I said there were some breakable items in the boxes.

I can’t praise this company enough

Their booking and admin lady is a star and very efficient and helpful! The site is spotless and everything works very well. The offers make it affordable and the whole experience surpassed my expectations at a point where life was being particularly cruel! Thank you for easing the pain